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Roshan Kumar Sahoo

“If you can dream about it, you can definitely achieve it.” Roshan Kumar Owner, Posh Affair.

Posh Affair is a result of many dreams culminated into one. It is a proud reflection of all the struggles through out the school and college career of its owner, Mr Roshan Kumar.

A small door to door service and subsequently a small quaint little store in the outhouse of his business partner Mr. D.P. Singhdeo  in Surya Nagar that started way back in 2015, has grown to become one of the most trusted fashion brands of Odisha.

“It was the loyalty of the clients and their trust in us that gave us the wings to fly and scale it up to the level it has reached today,” Says Roshan Kumar.

Label Posh Affair started from the cupboards and walls of the owner where he used to draw and doodle garments way back during his childhood. Though it was always fun and interesting to talk about fashion and give styling tips, Roshan had never thought of considering fashion as his career until he finished his high school. It was then that he was motivated by his friends and family and ended up joining KIIT University. It was never a cake walk during the 4 year of college as there were many inhibitions and many struggles that always kept popping up. The support from friends and family kept him marching straight ahead towards his dreams. The firt ever customer was a student named Priyanka who trusted roshan to design her dream outfit for her college farewell. It was daunting task but her reaction to the final piece of a garment made roshan realize that he could really make a mark in the fashion industry.

Since then, there has been no looking back. One thing led to another and today Label Posh Affair is 4 years old since its inception on the 6th of april 2015 and is definitely going to place. From the odiya fashion industry to fashion shows across india, we are taking huge leaps into a future which hopefully will be as dizzling as the garments of Posh Affair.

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Dinendra Pratap Singhdeo

I was always connected with the film and fashion industry since childhood… haven’t a large family imbibed Into these fraternities it was what I always wanted to do.. but when it came to a choice between the two I chose the film industry first. But then during graduation the pull towards the fashion industry was stronger. Well all credits for that would go to Roshan.. and when we got together this idea of doing Posh Affair was born.

Being bound to one sector of the business was not going to work.. so we both had to handle all sectors together. Hence in the beginning we were jack of all trades, definitely master of none. Progress was made and now he runs the entire design sector whereas I look into the entire finance sector. And that’s how it’s going on now. With an amazing team work has become smooth and everything is falling into system.

It’s the thrive of doing something for others and making people look chic and full of glamour that keeps us going. And our friendship and mutual understanding that makes me and Roshan a great team and makes us tick.

Posh Affair is here to stay and I can proudly say that in 3 years of time what we have achieved no one in this sector has or will be able to achieve the way we have done. Looking forward to the coming days..

The main inspiration for me behind Posh Affair is to show the world and other people who share my background that just because we have a name that means something does not mean that we shouldn’t work hard to give it a new meaning instead of living on a name that has existed for centuries..! I want to be self made because in today’s world it’s about who u are not who u were born as. And my second reason was to do something for my mom.. she is an amazing woman who went through a lot to make me who I am today. So Posh Affair is a small pay check for her for all that she has done for me and Roshan I can say… and lastly, inspiration or motivation or what ever u can call it , Roshan is the backbone that made my spinal cord stand strong..! All this juiced together created My inspiration for Posh Affair.

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